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Types of Business Jets Available

All aircraft with a next to the name are included in our Aircraft Comparison, where you can view complete specifications and performance figures.
Aircraft with a next to the name have photos available, simply click on the icon and then use your back button to return to this page.
Aircraft with a next to the name has a page you can view with both the aircraft data and a photo.

Small Jets
Gross Wt. 19,922
Empty Wt. 7,900

Medium Jets
Gross Wt. 32,000
Empty Wt. 13,400

Large Jets
Gross Wt. 32,000
Empty Wt. 13,400

Beechjet 400A   731 Falcon 20F   Challenger 600S
Citation I   ASTRA SP   Challenger 601-1A
Citation II   Citation III /VI   Challenger 601-3A
Citation II (001-626)   Citation VII   Challenger 601-3R
Citation V   Citation Ultra   Challenger 604
Citation Bravo   FALCON 20C   Citation X
Citation Excel   Hawker 800   Corporate Jetliner
CitationJet   Hawker 800 XP   FALCON 200
Citation 500   Hawker Horizon   FALCON 2000
Citation S/II   HS-125-700A   FALCON 50
Diamond 1A   Learjet 55/55B   FALCON 900
Diamond II   Learjet 55C   FALCON 900B
Falcon 10/100   Learjet 60   Global Express
Learjet 24E   Sabre 65   Gulfstream II
Learjet 25D   Westwind 1   Gulfstream III
Learjet 31   Westwind 2   Gulfstream IV
Learjet 31A             Gulfstream IV SP
Learjet 35A             Gulfstream V
Learjet 36A             Jetstar II
Learjet 45             Special Edition

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