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Aircraft Innovation And What It Means To Fleet Planning – Aircraft Lifecycle Management

I recently had the privilege of speaking with a group of aviation directors.  It was this regional group’s quarterly meeting and they invited me to speak about what we are seeing from our vantage point as aircraft brokers and the current state of our aircraft markets.  I spoke about the fact that there are several bright spots including increased sales activity, more first time buyers and increased flight activity, as well as some challenges that we continue to face with further pricing pressure for many pre-owned aircraft.  I also spoke about some of our thoughts regarding many new aircraft which have started delivering and others that have been announced and will start to deliver in the next several years.  It is an exciting time in our industry to see this new innovation being implemented into today’s and tomorrow’s business aircraft.  There are, however, real impacts of this fast paced evolution of business aircraft on future fleet planning discussions regardless of whether you operate a single aircraft or a large fleet.

Technological innovation is vital in  aviation, and I am not aware of a time until now when a steady stream of new aircraft and aircraft systems have been designed and built at such a fast pace.  Many manufacturers have already started delivering new aircraft that are revolutionizing how aircraft work and what they can do.  It is this very innovation that is driving new aircraft sales.  These new designs will make aircraft fly further and safer with increased situational awareness, more reliable systems and easier maintenance.  Cabins will be more comfortable, easier to use and more functional.  And, aircraft will be far more fuel efficient dramatically lowering their costs of operations; just look at the Gulfstream 500 and 600.  In preparing for my recent discussion with this group of aviation leaders, I spoke to several major aircraft manufacturers.  What I learned is that in addition to fulfilling new aircraft orders and announcing new aircraft which will start delivering over the next few years, they are also working on developing a continuous stream of improved iterations and new aircraft designs for the future.  We are starting to see the same kind of constant evolution of innovation in aviation that we are used to in other technology like iPhones which is constantly evolving.

How will this constant flow of new aircraft impact future aircraft residual values differently than they ever have been before?  And, how does a flight department help their principle or their company plan for the future?

This new reality of constant innovation and the regular announcement of new aircraft requires a new kind of asset management and some new math to account for it.  We call this Aircraft Lifecycle Management (“ALM”).  Future regulatory requirements and aircraft innovations must be part of the discussions about when to transition aircraft.  Having a regular flow of new aircraft types or iterations entering the market will also have an effect on the residual values.    The savings from improved fuel efficiency alone, however, could possibly offset loss in residual values.  Our extensive relationships in the aviation community and with the manufacturers and our daily experience in the markets enable us to help you with your ALM.  This new reality of constant aircraft innovation will require regular discussions with your principle or your company to plan your ALM and best protect the value of your aviation assets.  We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about Aircraft Lifecycle Management.  

Faster paced innovation and aircraft change is exciting for all of us and one that I look forward to participating in from my position as an aircraft broker.

Medevac Equipped 2003 Gulfstream G300 Available For Immediate Sale

We are currently representing for sale a 2003 model Gulfstream G300, S/N 1503, A6-RJA, based in Abu Dhabi and operated on a commercial charter certificate by Royal Jet for both VIP and Medevac charters. The interior is fully convertible and can be changed easily and safely in approximately 2 hours by line service crew. The aircraft operates under EASA guidelines. It is equipped with upgrades such as a triple FMS system, ADS-B Out and an MCS 7000 SATCOM.  The engines were overhauled approximately 1,200 hours ago. And, the aircraft was repainted in 2014 and many interior refurbishments were done at the same time including new carpet, new sidewalls, headliner, PSU panels, decorative window panels, dado panels and refinished veneer.

The double medevac configuration includes Lifeport Systems modules fitted by Gulfstream Savannah in production. It contains two large bottles per module and can be refilled onboard using ground support equipment. The modules are self-contained and do not need to connect to the aircraft oxygen system. They plug into the aircraft power for medical equipment use.

This aircraft is also Stage III noise compliant. Restrictions on Stage II aircraft are coming in the next year. There is nothing that needs to be done to continue to fly this G300 under the more restrictive regulations.

Royal Jet is an award-winning international luxury flight services provider.  They are the winners of many awards including being voted seven consecutive years as the ‘World’s Leading Private Jet Service’ by World Travel Awards; six consecutive years being voted the ‘Middle East’s Leading Private Jet Charter’ operator at the Middle East Travel Awards; and ‘Business Aviation Operator of the Year’ at the 2013 Annual Aviation Business Awards’.

The operation and pedigree of this aircraft could not be finer. This would be an excellent opportunity for an existing Medevac operation looking to add to their fleet, a company looking to begin a Medevac service with an equipped aircraft ready to be immediately placed in service or a VIP operator looking for a large-body long-range aircraft at an unbelievable price. The owner is motivated to sell and open to offers. Call us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Please visit our website for a complete specification sheet, more photos and floor plans at:

G300-sn_1503_Medevac6 G300-sn_1503_Medevac2 G300-sn_1503_Medevac1 G300-sn_1503_Medevac7 G300-SN_1503-Mid_Interior_6 G300-SN_1503-Fwd_Interior_5 G300-SN_1503-Fwd_Interior_1

Citation Ultra Market Update – We Have S/N 492 For Sale!

We are currently exclusively representing for sale Citation Ultra S/N 492, N85EB. It is a 1998 model with 1,964 hours total time, 200 hours since HOTS on the engines, Phase 1-5 inspections complied with in June 2014. The aircraft is immediately available for sale and can be viewed by appointment.

I recently updated the market notes for the entire Ultra market and here are some highlights:

  • There are currently 36 publicly listed for sale.
  • Year models range between 1994 and 1999
  • Approximately 86% of the aircraft listed for sale are not enrolled on an engine program.
  • The average total time for the aircraft listed for sale is 7,158 hours.
  • There are currently 4 aircraft listed for sale that are Under Contract.
  • There have been 17 retail transactions of Ultras in the last 6 months – it is an active market.

S/N 492 is an excellent offering in the market, providing a buyer with the lowest total time Ultra currently available for sale, with major maintenance recently complied with and it is operated by a professional Part 91 flight department. Call us today to learn more about this great opportunity!

You can see the aircraft on our website here:
You can watch a video for this aircraft here:

My Thoughts After I Spent Time On The Legacy 500….

We are proud to exclusively represent for sale 2014 Embraer Legacy 500, Serial Number 12 which will deliver new in December of this year.  Our client’s needs have changed in the several years since he originally ordered this aircraft and that is why he is now selling it.  He is ready to review all offers and motivated to get this sold.  Call us today to learn more at +1-303-444-6766 or visit our website at  Why wait when you can have one now?


I was truly impressed after I spent some time on Embraer’s Legacy 500 at the 2014 NBAA Convention in Orlando, FL last week.  Embraer’s proven time and time again that their rich history in aircraft design and principles can succeed in the business jet arena, and their latest entrant, the Legacy 500 is no exception.  Forward-thinking design elements, precise craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art technologies abound, and for this category and class of aircraft, Embraer has re-written the rulebook with the Legacy 500.

For a mid-size business jet, this aircraft commands a real presence with its sleek aerodynamics and large cabin windows.  As one explores the 500′s exterior, accessibility and functionality have been maximized to promote operational efficiency, flexibility, and reliability.  For instance, the main entrance door is well-balance and designed to be trouble-free without involving a complex electric or hydraulic lifting mechanism.  While retracted, the landing gear’s wheel wells are fully covered by gear doors for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and all exterior lighting is LED.  Embraer’s airliner influence is evident by the inclusion of a forward ground communications panel that connects ground personnel to the cockpit, as well as an external ground power receptacle that is mounted at an angle below the 500′s tail so that it can easily self-disconnect in the unlikely event that it was accidentally left connected for taxi.

Step inside this revolutionary aircraft, and you will be immediately impressed.  From the clean, modern styling and rich finishes to the latest in cabin system technologies, the entire interior from the cockpit to the aft lavatory has a sophisticated feel.  The cockpit is exceptionally spacious and clutter-free, thanks to the absence of standard control wheels and arms.  Instead, dual fly-by-wire side sticks are mounted for maximum pilot ergonomics and comfort.

Throughout the cabin, technology and amenities abound, but most everything is beautifully concealed by integrated covers, sliding armrests, or doors that protect the equipment and componentry while providing an clean and uncluttered appearance.  Every thought was given to maximizing cabin seating flexibility, including placing the emergency exit in the aft lavatory so that there would not be restrictions to cabin seat occupancy during taxi, takeoff, and landing.  Cabin sound levels are impressively low thanks in part to engineering efforts such as mounting all three hydraulic system pumps behind the aft cabin pressure bulkhead.

Maintenance personnel will appreciate the ease of routine interior access, as hidden panel hinges and mechanical releases have been designed into as much of the interior as possible.  And just as with the exterior, all interior lighting is LED.  Additionally, the aircraft’s design provides a combined 150 cubic feet of baggage space, 45 cubic feet of which is located within the aft lavatories storage compartment.  Ample storage and flexibility is a welcomed feature for an aircraft that can carry ten passengers.

The Legacy 500′s first in class fly-by-wire flight control system is a monumental achievement, and although not a new concept to business jets, an impressive step forward for the category and class of aircraft.  Complimenting the rigorous requirements for redundancy, the 500′s four (4) exterior “smart probes” are utilized in lieu of a much larger number of individual function sensors and probes that would otherwise be required.  The Legacy 500 is quite simply a modern, large cabin class aircraft disguised in mid-size cabin class wrapping.

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Bombardier Global 6000, Serial Number 9583 – Why Wait When You Can Have One Now?

We are proud to exclusively represent for immediate sale a brand new 2014 Bombardier Global 6000, Serial Number 9583 that was delivered to our client on August 25, 2014 and it is currently stored in a hangar in Bozeman, Montana, U.S.A. ready for immediate delivery.  There is an extensive lead time to buy one new from the factory.  Why wait when you can have one now?

Bombardier Aircraft hit a home run when they created the Global Express and started the first deliveries in the late 1990s.  Today, there are just over 600 Global Express, Global XRS, Global 5000 and Global 6000 aircraft in service worldwide and Bombardier is just getting started.  We recently represented a client in the acquisition of two Global 5000s; the first of the two delivered approximately a month ago and it was the 600th Global Bombardier has delivered since the start of the program.  Last year Bombardier announced the development of the all new Global 7000 and 8000 that will fly even further and with even more innovation; both aircraft will start delivering to customers in several years.

Designed to fly approximately 6,000 nautical miles, and with the largest business aircraft cabin in its category, the Global 6000 is an incredible aircraft.  With the introduction of the 6000, Bombardier also introduced its revolutionary Bombardier Vision Flight Deck.  According to Bombardier (quoted from their website), this cockpit was developed to:

  • Minimize probability of human error
  • Provide VFR-like operations in IFR conditions
  • Enhance situational awareness
  • Reduce pilot workload and simplify operations
  • Increase mission availability and completion rates.


We have helped more than one client buy Global 6000s new from the factory.  After hundreds of flight hours respectively for each of these clients, they can attest to the benefits of the Vision Flight Deck and upgraded modern cabin systems and environment for both their crews and the passengers.  Our clients regularly report arriving at their worldwide destinations more comfortably and well rested than they did in any other aircraft they have respectively owned.  The Global 6000 has been a winning success for Bombardier.

The Global 6000 that we are representing for sale, Serial Number 9583, was designed and purchased by an organization that has owned and operated many different business aircraft for many years.  They intended to put this into service and use it, but since ordering this aircraft, their needs have changed driving their desire to sell and consequently creating this exciting opportunity for a buyer.  Some of the highlights of this brand new Global 6000 include options such as a 2nd Synthetic Vision system, 2 Channel SwiftBroadband High Speed Data and CNX Data Acceleration system, XM Weather and many interior modifications specifically designed based on years of this client’s extensive business aircraft experience.  This is truly a stunning, highly equipped great aircraft.  View complete specifications and photographs and watch a video about this amazing aircraft on our website at and call us today to learn more, +1-303-444-6766.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Global_6000-SN-9583-Ext1 Global_6000-SN-9583-Galley Global_6000-SN-9583-FwdInt1 Global_6000-SN-9583-FwdInt2 Global_6000-SN-9583-MidInt2 Global_6000-SN-9583-MidInt1 Global_6000-SN-9583-AftInt1

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