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People use all kinds of words to describe aircraft.  The one that comes to mind when describing a Challenger 601-3A that we recently listed for sale is pristine.

This Challenger 601-3A S/N 5073 N803RR is a 1990 model aircraft with just less than 6,800 hours total time.  The engines were overhauled approximately 800 hours ago and the 60 month airframe and gear inspections along with the 300/600/1200/2400 hour inspections were recently complied with in July 2014 by WestStar Aviation in Grand Junction, CO.  The aircraft is very highly equipped including extensive upgrades such as an Aircell Gogo Biz ATG-4000 broadband data system with Wi-Fi, an Aircell Axxess Iridium Satellite Telecommunications system, the Honeywell 150 APU, an increased maximum gross take-off weight modification and more.  And, the paint and interior are in great condition.

We helped our client acquire this Challenger in March of 2003 from Bombardier Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales.  Our client, a large privately held U.S. based company with global operations, has owned and operated private aircraft for more than 60 years.  Several of the members of the flight department have worked closely together for more than a decade including the aviation director and the maintenance director.  I’ve never seen a cleaner, more-well organized hangar or aircraft.  No detail is left unattended to, safety and reliability are second to none and no one questions the costs to do things right.

As the company that owns this incredible Challenger 601-3A has evolved, so have their aviation needs.  They are selling this as they have acquired an aircraft that better fulfills their current and future travel requirements.  We are proud to represent this client in another aircraft sale.  They are a great company to work with on the opposite side of a transaction and they are ready to get this aircraft sold.  Please review the aircraft specifications, photographs and aircraft video that we have prepared and call us with any additional questions.  We know that you will agree that this represents an incredible value in today’s market and it is a pristine aircraft.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.  Our phone number is +1-303-444-6766 or visit our website at

Challenger 601-3A s/n 5073 N803RR Challenger 601-3A s/n 5073 N803RR Challenger 601-3A s/n 5073 N803RR Challenger 601-3A s/n 5073 N803RR Challenger 601-3A s/n 5073 N803RR Challenger 601-3A s/n 5073 N803RR

Gulfstream GV Serial Number 642

Gulfstream Aerospace is one of the leading aircraft manufacturers in the world.  They have a long successful history of building incredible large-body long-range aircraft including the GII, GIII, GIV and GIV-SP and in 1997 Gulfstream started delivering the GV.  The GV was the first ultra-long-range aircraft in the business aviation industry capable of flying over 6,000 nautical miles.  Today, there are 192 GVs in service around the world.

We are proud to represent for sale Gulfstream V Serial Number 642.  This is a 2001 model aircraft making it one of the later model youngest GVs in the fleet.  Our client acquired this aircraft from NETJETS Europe in August of 2009 and it has been in a private first-class FAR Part 91 operation for the last five years.  The flight department personnel, including a full-time excellent maintenance director, take impeccable care of the aircraft.  This GV is based in Massachusetts, it is almost always hangared and it is used for worldwide flight operations on behalf of the owner.  This has been an incredibly reliable aircraft successfully fulfilling our client’s global travel needs for the last five years.

The engines on this Gulfstream V, Serial Number 642, are enrolled on the Rolls-Royce Corporate Care maintenance program, the APU is enrolled on the MSP program and the avionics are enrolled on the Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP) and/or the Rockwell Collins Corporate Aircraft Service Program (CASP) respectively for the given components.  The 144 month inspection package was completed in June 2013 by Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah, GA.  And, we recently lowered the asking price from $15,500,000 down to $13,900,000 and the seller is open to reviewing all offers.

This turn-key great Gulfstream V represents one of the best GV values in the world.  Please visit our website at to learn more and watch a video about this incredible aircraft.  You can also call us to discuss this further at +1-303-444-6766.

GV-SN-642-Exterior2 GV-SN-642-Exterior4 GV-SN-642-FwdInt1 GV-SN-642-AftInt3 GV-SN-642-Galley

Embraer Legacy 500 Gets Brazilian Type Certification!!

The Embraer Legacy 500 received type certification from Brazil’s civil aviation agency, Agencia Nacional de Aviacao Civil (ANAC) today at the Latin Business Aviation Convention and Exposition in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Here is a statement about today’s announcement as reported in today’s (August 12, 2014) Aviation International News’ AINAlerts email newsletter:

Embraer Legacy 500 Gets Thumbs Up from Brazil’s ANAC
The Embraer Legacy 500 received type certification from Brazil’s civil aviation agency, Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC), this afternoon during a ceremony at LABACE 2014 in São Paulo, Brazil. The company expects to obtain FAA approval for its clean-sheet, fly-by-wire midsize business jet “in the upcoming weeks” and from EASA “thereafter.” Certification follows more than 1,800 flight hours logged by four flight-test Legacy 500s and more than 20,000 hours of ground-rig tests of the twinjet’s Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics, electrical, hydraulic and environmental systems. Production of the Legacy 500 has already begun and the first delivery is scheduled for next month. Embraer will deliver up to six Legacy 500s this year, and the production rate will ramp up next year. “We are pleased to confirm that all Legacy 500 design goals have been achieved or exceeded,” noted Embraer Executive Jets president and CEO Marco Túlio Pellegrini. Better than originally expected specs include the certified range of 3,125 nm, up from the 3,000-nm design goal; high-speed cruise of 466 knots, up from 460 knots; 4,084-foot takeoff distance, down from 4,600 feet; and 2,122-foot landing distance, down from 2,400 feet.

Additionally, here is a link to a great article published in Bloomberg News and written by Christiana Sciaudone about the rebound in the sale of business jets spreading to the mid-size market and the exciting launch of the Embraer Legacy 500: CEOs Go Shopping for Smaller Jets Again in Embraer Boost.

Embraer Legacy 500, Serial Number 12 – For Sale – Anticipated Delivery Date December 2014 – Motivated Seller – Below Market Opportunity!

We are exclusively representing Serial Number 12 for sale; currently scheduled to deliver in December 2014.  Our client has had a Legacy 600 for many years and he and his family love it and the support that they get from Embraer.  Between the time that our client ordered this Legacy 500 and today, his mission requirements have changed and he has decided to keep the Legacy 600 and sell this Legacy 500 delivery position.  Embraer is aware of what our client is doing and they will allow the third party sale of this delivery position.  Because our client was one of the first people to order a Legacy 500, he received “launch customer pricing” the benefit of which he will pass along to a buyer as well as being ready to entertain all offers.  This Legacy 500 delivery position will sell at a significant discount.  Call us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity.  Full specs and interior renderings can be seen on our website at:

The interior images below are renderings of Legacy 500 Serial Number 12 as it has been designed:

2014-L500-Exterior1-filephoto 2014_LegacyPosition-Fwd_Interior1                                      2014_LegacyPosition-Aft_Interior1 2014_LegacyPosition-Aft_Interior3

A Long Successful Aviation History

Not too many corporate flight departments have been around since the early 1960s.  Even fewer have operated aircraft from the same manufacturer for more than roughly half of their existence.  Our client, a large U.S. company that owns Gulfstream G200 Serial Number 28, however, has just one of those flight departments.

This company’s flight department has been based at the same airport in Minnesota since 1961 and they have operated several different aircraft from the same manufacturer since 1989 including: a Westwind, two Astras and their current Gulfstream G200 and Gulfstream G150.  They use their G200 for worldwide operations.  While G200s are based in many countries around the globe, most operators only use them regionally.  This company has proven that a G200 can safely and comfortably be used to transport passengers around the world.  They regularly fly to Europe, Asia and South America in addition to weekly domestic operations.  This is truly one of our industry’s elite flight departments and we are proud to represent this client in the sale of their G200 to make room for their new Gulfstream G280.

Gulfstream G200, Serial Number 28, N199HF is a one U.S. corporate owner, 2000 vintage aircraft with less than 5,700 hours total time.  The engines are enrolled on the ESP Gold program, the APU is enrolled on the MSP program and the avionics are enrolled on the CASP program.   The Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 Avionics Suite is complemented with dual UNS-1C+ FMS systems, a Thrane & Thrane SATCOM and flight phone system, RAAS, a Flight Data Recorder and more.  The aircraft is also equipped with highly desired options including a hard pocket door separating the cockpit from the galley and cabin and a jumpseat.  Visit our website at to view full specification details and watch a video of this incredible aircraft or call us today at +1-303-444-6766 to learn more.

G200-SN-28-Exterior2 G200-SN-28-Exterior3 G200-SN-28-Cockpit1 G200-SN-28-FwdGalley-1 G200-SN-28-FwdInt-1 G200-SN-28-AftInt-1 

Falcon 2000LX, Serial Number 147, N786AD

Dassault Falcon Jet first introduced its two engine large body aircraft, the Falcon 2000, to the world in 1995.  Today, there are approximately 500 Falcon 2000s, 2000EXs, 2000EX EASys, 2000LXs and 2000Ss and Falcon will soon begin delivering the newest variant, the 2000LXS.  Cleary, Falcon hit upon something special when they launched the 2000 program and it is known around the world as one of the more efficient and comfortable large body aircraft.

The 2000LX is the fourth generation Falcon 2000.  It incorporates the Honeywell EASy flight deck and winglets which provide even greater efficiency than its 2000EX EASy predecessor and it has a range of approximately 4,000 nautical miles.

The Honeywell EASy flight deck was first introduced by Dassault Falcon Jet on the Falcon 900EX EASy.  This flight deck was designed to simplify flight management tasks, improve crew coordination and provide increased situational awareness.  EASy II was certified in 2013 and it offers further enhancements to again improve safety and reduce pilot communications, dispatch and navigation workloads.  You must have the baseline EASy II on EASy equipped Falcon aircraft to add the upgrade packages required to meet new global regulatory compliance requirements including CPDLC and FANS-1A mandates.  Due to the high demand to upgrade existing EASy equipped Falcons, there is a backlog on the parts to complete the baseline EASy II upgrade package.

We are proud to represent Falcon 2000LX, Serial Number 147, N786AD for sale on behalf of a long-term client.  The owner of this aircraft is a Fortune 50 U.S. company with a roughly 50 year old, large, first-class flight department.  I have spoken about pedigree on our blog before, and the pedigree from which this 2000LX comes from is second to none.  Our client has owned this aircraft since new and they have spared no expense to keep it in the greatest mechanical condition possible.  We have helped this client sell several other aircraft over the last several years.  They understand the process and what is common and customary in an aircraft transaction and they are a great seller to work with on the other side of your aircraft acquisition.  In the beginning of October 2014, this Falcon 2000LX will be delivered to Standard Aero in Springfield, IL where it will undergo the 1C and gear dimensional check inspection package, the baseline EASy II upgrade and it will be stripped and painted all at the seller’s cost prior to delivery to a buyer.

This 2000LX, Serial Number 147, is a 2008 model with just over 2,000 hours total time, the engines are enrolled on the ESP program, the APU is enrolled on the MSP program and it is equipped with a triple flight management system with NZ 7.01 and TOLD software, HUD and EVS and an Aircell AXXESS II Iridium SATCOM and telephone system among other options.  Full specs, photos and a video can be found on our website at

There is no greater value in the 2000LX market than this aircraft due to its strong pedigree, mechanical and cosmetic condition, total time and the fact that a buyer can observe the 1C inspection package, EASy II upgrade and paint which are all being performed at the seller’s expense with no financial risk to a buyer.   Call us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity, +1-303-444-6766.

Falcon2000LX-sn-147Ext1 copy  Falcon2000LX-sn-147Cockpit1  Falcon2000LX-sn-147FwdGalley1  Falcon2000LX-sn-147FwdInt1  Falcon2000LX-sn-147AftInt4  Falcon2000LX-sn-147AftLavSink 

1995 Falcon 900B, Serial Number 149, N924S

Dassault Falcon Jet has been building Falcon 900 series aircraft since 1987 and today they are delivering the Falcon 900LX.  Since 1987, there have been close to 500 Falcon 900 series aircraft delivered worldwide.  Dassault has a long military aviation history and an outstanding reputation for building dependable, safe and efficient corporate aircraft.  The Falcon 900 series employs three engines providing additional thrust and reliability for short runway, high altitude and over-water performance and safety.  Additionally, Dassault invests heavily in their global maintenance and parts support with a worldwide network of service centers and authorized maintenance facilities.

We are proud to represent Falcon 900B S/N 149 for sale.  This low time (approximately 5,000 hours) late model (1995 vintage) Falcon 900B represents one of the best aircraft and best values in this market.   It has a beautiful 15 passenger interior configuration inclusive of a large 7 passenger stowable conference table allowing for large group meetings or meals in flight.  The aircraft also has several upgrades, good paint and interior and good maintenance history and it is currently operated on a FAR Part 135 certificate.  The seller expects that the C-Check work package will be done as part of a buyer’s pre-purchase inspection meaning that a buyer will be able to put this right into service as a truly turn-key solution with fresh major inspections.

The owner of this aircraft is passionate about aviation.  He owns several aircraft, a FAR Part 135 certificate and a large beautiful hangar in which he bases his operation outside of Dublin, Texas.  The owner’s professional flight department takes incredible care of this aircraft and the director of maintenance oversees two Falcon 900Bs, a Falcon 50, a Falcon 20 and two Saab 2000 turboprops.  When our client bought this aircraft in 2008 he had Duncan Aviation perform the 2C, C, 4A+, 4A, 3A, 2A+, 2A, A+, A and Basic inspections, a complete landing gear overhaul and many other significant inspections and maintenance tasks.  He also invested in the cosmetics and systems including a complete strip and paint, interior modifications and refurbishment including the replacement of all soft goods and upgrades to the cabin entertainment and avionics.  Since 2008, this aircraft has been extremely reliable and served the needs of the owner, his family and charter customers very well.

Call us today to learn more at +1-303-444-6766 or visit our website at to review detailed specifications and photographs.  We look forward to speaking with you about this great aircraft and great opportunity soon.


900B-SN-149-Exterior3   _MG_0005   900B-SN-149-FwdCabin1   900B-SN-149-MidCabin2    900B-SN-149-AftCabin1   900B-SN-149-Cockpit

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