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Challenger 605 Serial Number 5774, N68888

We are proud to exclusively represent for immediate sale Challenger 605 Serial Number 5774 and Registration Number N68888.  This 2009 model, U.S. N-registered, one owner, low time aircraft has been almost exclusively maintained by both Bombardier in Dallas, TX and Jet Aviation.  Bombardier Dallas just completed the 12, 24 and 36 month and 400 hour inspection package and the aircraft is being stored outside of Houston, TX ready for immediate sale.  Some key highlights of this aircraft include enrollment on the G.E. OnPoint Engine Maintenance Program, SMART PARTS Plus and MSP for the APU.  Additionally, this aircraft has fresh inspections, beautiful paint and interior and the 11 passenger interior configuration with the extended cabin and the 4-place conference group and it is equipped with a lot of optional equipment and upgrades.

The Challenger 605 is the 6th generation aircraft in Bombardier’s extremely successful almost 40 production run of Challenger aircraft (Canadair, the original manufacturer was sold to Bombardier in 1986).  Each successive generation of the aircraft type starting with the Challenger 600 in the late 1970s has been continually improved; and Challenger aircraft are some of the oldest, most reliable and comfortable aircraft types ever built.  To date close to 1,000 have been built and there are 274 Challenger 605s in service around the world.

The Challenger 605 was introduced to the world in 2006 as the follow up to the Challenger 604.  Changes implemented with the introduction of the 605 include lower per hour average fuel burn, a complete new Collins Proline 21 flight deck and larger windows that are also cut higher on the aircraft’s sidewalls.  The change to the aircraft’s windows significantly opens up the feeling of the interior of the aircraft and makes what was already a spacious comfortable flying experience even better.

Today (August 22, 2015) there are approximately 23 Challenger 605s publicly listed for sale representing roughly 17% of the global fleet.  Over the last six months there have been approximately 8 retail sales and several of the aircraft currently listed for sale are under contract.  The Challenger 605 market is active.  Most buyers are in the United States, but due to the global popularity of the Challenger 605 over the last several years a large percentage of the fleet is based and being sold outside of the United States.  This makes it challenging for many buyers to see aircraft and feel comfortable about their pedigree and past operation.  Of the approximately 23 in the public market, only 9 are U.S. registered and in the United States.  Aircraft registered and based outside of the United States are not bad, but they are more challenging to acquire and the time and cost to do so are both greater for U.S. buyers.

You can find detailed specifications and lots of photographs on our website at  Our client has their replacement aircraft in service and is ready to review all offers and get this sold.  Call us to learn more about this exciting aircraft and great opportunity, +1-303-444-6766 or

Purposeful Design.

We are proud to exclusively represent for sale Global Express, Serial Number 9026.  This is a one U.S. owner, 2000 model Global Express based in Teterboro, NJ.  Our client has used this aircraft for travel around the world and it has been upgraded for NextGen compliance including Batch 3, FANS 1/A+ CPDLC, RNP 4, SBAS with LPV approach capability, and ADS-B Out.

When our client designed this aircraft with Bombardier, they did it with great foresight about how the aircraft would be used.  Few people like to sit in any room facing a wall with all of the rest of the space behind them.  The same applies to airplanes.  Most VIP seats in aircraft are in the forward club section of an aircraft’s cabin.  This means that in a Global there are typically two seating sections behind the VIP seat, and the person in the VIP seat is typically looking at an opposing aft-facing club seat and the forward bulkhead.  Most Globals also have a 4-place dining/conference group in the mid cabin requiring anyone serving a meal to walk through the passengers in the club seats to set a table, serve, and clean-up a meal.

Our client turned the typical Global Express interior configuration around and built a far more usable space.  In this Global Express, the four-place dining/conference group is in the forward cabin and the four individual club seats, including the VIP seat, are in the mid cabin.  This aircraft is designed like your home with the dining room near the kitchen so you don’t have to walk through the living room to serve a meal.  This arrangement means that a person preparing a meal can set a table, prepare the meal in the forward galley and serve and clean up the meal without ever carrying food or dirty dishes through passengers trying to work, relax or sleep.  The passengers can enjoy the comfort of the undisturbed club seats and sit with the majority of the cabin in front of them instead of behind them.  The aft cabin, including a forward-facing club seat, an aft-facing club seat that is interchangeable with an adjustable ottoman, and extended berthing divan, is divided by a hard bulkhead and double pocket doors.

Aircraft highlights include: 5726 hours total time, 2121 total landings (as of May 4, 2015), enrollment on both the Rolls-Royce Corporate Care engine maintenance program and Honeywell MSP on the APU, Batch 3 compliance, FANS 1/A+ CPDLC, ADS-B Out, Triple FMS with NZ6.1 Software and SBAS with LPV approach capability, Triple Laseref, Mark V EGPWS with RAAS, HUD, EVS, Honeywell MCS-7000 SATCOM with HD-710 providing SwiftBroadband globally capable high speed internet, a TrueNorth Simphone Chorus PBX, Cabin Wi-Fi and 96,000 lbs. Increased Max Take-Off Weight.  We are asking $14,500,000 and the owner is ready to review all reasonable offers and get this sold right away.

Every aircraft interior is a little different; some are just more purposefully designed than others.  This Global Express is immediately available for sale.  Please call us at +1-303-444-6766 or review full specs and photos at

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